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Madonna Ministry International is the Ordaining Arm of

the Madonna Interfaith Community, a “Church without Walls.”

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Other Ministerial Outreach

Ordination Mentoring and Ceremony

On-line Workshops and Learning

Spiritual Hospice and Grief Counseling

Weddings, Celebrations and Ceremonies

Spiritual Workshops and Gatherings

Life Coaching and Relationship Counseling

Energetic and Hands-on Healing

Astrology and Spiritual Readings

Sunday Services

Join us for Sunday Services; Come as You Are. All forms of beliefs are welcomed with open arms, open hearts and open minds. We practice treating others as we would like to be treated with honor, respect and trust.

Sundays 9am PT/12pm ET

Facilitated by These Clergy Members

Ministress Sally Bartolameolli

Bishop Niki Faldemolaei – San Diego, CA

Bishop Paula Goldman – Griswold, CT

Ministress Sally Bartolameolli – Houston, TX

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Madonna Interfaith Community Outreach

Praying with and for people throughout the world.

Whatever your prayer need, finding peace of mind provides a foundation of strength to face any situation

Sommer Family Humanitarian Fund

The MMI Clergy is on the look out for causes that directly involve families and situations in need in their community.

You don’t have to be a clergy member of the Madonna Ministry to nominate a person or family in need.

Please share some hope to help a person or family in need... Everything counts!

Explore Our History

The Madonna Ministry is rooted on Apostolic Succession historically to the first Christian church founded by Saint Peter and spiritually to all teachers of Truth wherever found.

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