Weddings, Celebrations and Ceremonies

Weddings, Celebrations and Ceremonies

This category covers weddings, hand fastings, baby blessings, re-commitment ceremonies, celebrations of life, ordinations, solstice celebrations, other spiritual holiday celebrations and others.


Priestess Lisa Kuchinski

Maiden Rock, Wisconsin

Priestess Jaitara Jayde

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Bishop Caitlin Crosby

Charleston, South Carolina

Bishop Charles Sommer

San Clemente, CA

Reverend Cathy Ann Catherine Stuart

Scottsdale, AZ

Bishop Jenny Dickason

Phoenix, AZ

Bishop Sally E. Tschantz-Dwyer

Charlestown, RI

Bishop Marie Wilkes

Austin, TX

Bishop Francis Frank

Gilbert, AZ

Bishop Laura Dunfield

Manchester, CT

Bishop Lawrence Rasnake

Phoenix, AZ

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