Ordination Mentoring and Ceremony

Ordination Mentoring and Ceremony

Bishops in the Madonna Ministry are those who have been in the ministry for no less than three years and were originally ordained as a Minister and following a period of time – at least a year – were consecrated as Priestess or Priest, and then at least a year or more later are asked to assume the role of Bishop which allows them to ordain others who meet the standards set by the board of the Madonna Ministries. Below is a listing of Bishops who specialize in Spiritual Mentoring and Ordination Events. Ordination is available either in person, on line via Zoom, or at the Annual Fall Conference.


Bishop Marie Wilkes

Bishop Jenny Dickason

Bishop Lawrence Rasnake

Bishop Samarah Daniels

Bishop Sheila Schmarje

Bishop Charles Sommer

Bishop Charmian Redwood

Bishop Daniel Karpf

Bishop Laura Dunfield

Manchester, CT


Bishop Paula Goldman

Bishop Stacey McCann

Bishop Lurah Bridges

Bishop Johnnie Wiese

Bishop Anyaa McAndrew

Bishop Linda Durant

Bishop Maynard Rougier

Bishop Sally Tschante-Dwyer

Bishop Caitlin Crosby

Bishop Terrie Riley

Bishop Isis Phoenix

Bishop EveLynn Maurine

Bishop Franz Zodder

Wolfsberg, Austria

Bishop Kyla Carson

Bishop Helen Stott

Looking For A Spiritual Mentor Or Interested In Becoming Ordained?

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