Bishop Lawrence Rasnake

Phoenix, AZ

Bishop Jenny Dickason

Phoenix, AZ

Bishop Samarah Daniels

Cornville, Az

Bishop Sheila Schmarje

Tempe, AZ

Minister Connie Larry

Mesa, AZ

Minister Frances Keyes

Tucson, AZ

Minister Lisa McKenzie

Phoenix, AZ

Reverend Cathy Ann Catherine Stuart

Scottsdale, AZ

Priestess Elizabeth Scheffer

Phoenix, AZ

Reverend Llenar Danita Bragg

Peoria, AZ

Priestess Mariana Riley

Phoenix, AZ

Join Us For Fellowship & Shirley’s Spiritual Sunday Meditation Service

This outreach program is provided using Zoom Audio/Visual platform. Each Sunday, Shirley or one of the other MMI Bishops will be available to lead a short fellowship meeting and conduct a guided spiritual meditation and discussion. This invitation is open to MII Clergy as well as followers.

Stay up to date with current events and discover how the Madonna Interfaith Community is making a positive difference in the lives of people everyday.

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