Other Ministerial Outreach

Other Ministerial Outreach

This category captures those whose ministerial outreach is not covered by any other category such as:  Teachers of Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi.  Physical therapists or Nutritional guidance,  midwifes, elder companions, volunteer work, animal communicators, and channels, plus a variety of other possibilities. 


Priestess Lisa Kuchinski

Maiden Rock, Wisconsin

Priestess Jaitara Jayde

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Bishop Daniel Karpf

Ventura, California

Bishop Caitlin Crosby

Charleston, South Carolina

Bishop Charles Sommer

San Clemente, CA

Bishop Niki Faldemolaei

San Diego CA

Bishop Laura Dunfield

Manchester, CT

Laura Rain, Shamanic Priestess

Indianapolis, IN

Ministress Sally Bartolameolli

Minister Rebecca (Be) Ann Friend

Portland, OR

Ministress Sally Bartolameolli

Houston, TX

Animal Activism and Planet Healing

Caitlin is a Sea Turtle Biologist at the South Carolina Aquarium. Her ministry centers on animal activism and healing of the planet.

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Sommer Family Humanitarian Fund

The MMI Clergy is on the look out for causes that directly involve families and situations in need in their community. You don’t have to be a clergy member of the Madonna Ministry to nominate a person or family in need.

Please share some hope to help a person or family in need... Everything counts!

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