Priestess Lisa Kuchinski

Maiden Rock, Wisconsin

WISCONSIN Upcoming Clergy Member Events


The 2020 Wisconsin
A Shamanic Priestess Process (TM)

Dates to be determined between February and August of 2020 with on-line previews beginning October 2019

This process is designed to empower women to walk through their fears to gain their own personal strength, passion and magnetism. They become catalysts of change in their own lives and bring their own unique gifts to the lives of those around them.

Facilitated by Shamanic Magdalene EveLynn Maurine

Women's Red Tent Event

Beloved Woman, Welcome Home!

The Red Tent is a safe sacred space to feel nourished by the company of other women, to be held in love, be fully seen and heard, and to dance your heart open. Plug into bliss, feel alive in your body, at peace in mind, and expansive in your heart.

These are ongoing events, happening monthly, sometimes bi-monthly.

Facilitated by Bishop EveLynn Maurine

Madonna Interfaith Community Outreach

Join Us For Fellowship & Shirley’s Spiritual Sunday Meditation Service

This outreach program is provided using Zoom Audio/Visual platform. Each Sunday, Shirley or one of the other MMI Bishops will be available to lead a short fellowship meeting and conduct a guided spiritual meditation and discussion. This invitation is open to MII Clergy as well as followers.

Stay up to date with current events and discover how the Madonna Interfaith Community is making a positive difference in the lives of people everyday.

Sommer Family Humanitarian Fund

The MMI Clergy is on the look out for causes that directly involve families and situations in need in their community.

You don’t have to be a clergy member of the Madonna Ministry to nominate a person or family in need.Nominate Button Text: Nominate A Person Or Family In Need

Please share some hope to help a person or family in need... Everything counts!

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