Member Directory Overview

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Standard Profile Listing Walk Through

  • What is a standard profile directory listing?
  • Where will my standard directory listing be located on the directory?
  • What can I link the “View Clergy” button to?
  • How do I use the form to submit info for standard profile listing?

Recommended Image Size – Standard Profile Listing: 250px x 250px                 *Note: can be larger, but not smaller than.

Note: You must complete standard profile listing information form before submitting information for personal profile page or featured events.

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Customized Personal Profile Page

  • What is a Personal Profile page?
  • Where will my personal profile page  be located on the directory?
  • What can I link to and promote on my  personal profile page?
  • How do I use the form to submit info to have a personal profile page created?

Recommended Image Sizes – Personal Profile Page

Full Body Image: 300px wide x 700px tall

Feature Box Images: 300px wide x 250 px tall

Featured Event Image:  600 px wide x 400px tall

If you need help with sizing images… please use the “Ask Me Anything” button at the bottom of this page to contact me for help.

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Stand Alone Featured Event Promotions

The Featured Event/Promotion section is for you to promote an event, a book, a course, a service, gathering or workshop. It does not have to be date-specific, but can be. You have the option of using either an image or a short promotional video. You will need to provide highlights of your event or promotion. You have the ability to include a link to a page or a place where more detailed information is available.

Recommended Featured Event Image Size :  600 px wide x 400px tall

Still need help?

A special Thank You to Bishop EveLynn Maurine for all your time, effort and input to help create this directory for all the members!

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